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What hypnotherapy can help with?

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Let me answer a question with a question… what would you like hypnotherapy to help with?

There are two schools of thought on this one, some hypnotherapists will remain solution focused, as in they will only work towards the client achieving their goals. They wont explore why a person behaves and responds they way they do, they stay focused on the solution. This works. This works because the client wants it to work.

The second school of thought, the school that I attend, is that of an analytical view, along with my clients we explore the why…

Why does a person when they are full keep eating?

Why does a smoker continue to smoke when they know what they are doing is slow suicide?

The idea behind this is not to retraumatise but to explore, let go and move forward positively.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always the case. I recently saw a gentleman for stop smoking. He was so passionate about not smoking, had all the right reasons to, health, wealth etc but something was holding him back. Our initial session went really well. When I checked in with him two weeks later he had the day before started smoking again. Now, rather than chastising because, who am I to, we accept, we don’t blame or shame and I invited him back for another session. This can happen. Not very often as I pride myself on a high success rate however, as and when it does I have the necessary skills to refocus the client.

So, he came back and we discussed it. We discussed the triggers and he couldn’t explain why… he mentioned an overwhelming feeling of stress and the first thing he went to do in that moment, out of habit was to have a cigarette. He mentioned that he was half way through the cigarette before he realised what he had done. So, with this in mind, I mentioned regression therapy, exploring this feeling with a view to letting go and moving forward. Sceptical as he was when I mentioned it… it’s worth mentioning that he was sceptical from the first moment I met him too! The sceptical clients are with out a doubt my favourite clients to work with. Seeing them ease into trance and reorientate feeling a million dollars! It’s a perk and I love it!

He agreed and we began, using regression techniques he was able to visit a memory of extreme childhood stress, using further techniques we explored the memory through his adult eyes, let go and moved forward from this.

When he reorientated he mentioned that he remembers that time and event but had no idea how much it had effected him. I reminded him that the memory was there, I didn’t uncover it as frankly we all carry our baggage with us.

A further two weeks later and he was still a non smoker! Having received and email from him a short while ago he to this day remains a non smoker. That is just one example of how regression techniques and exploring the ‘why’ can be useful. Similarly, if a client is not interested in the why and wants to remain solution focused, then that’s what we do. My therapy fits the client, not the other way around.

Hypnotherapy is particularly effective with treating weight loss, smoking, anxiety and panic disorders, stress, worry, confidence, low self esteem, relaxation, pain management and many more besides. There are certain times when hypnotherapy may not be the right type of therapy.

This tends to be clients that have very low levels of concentration and some mental health illnesses. This is always something I am happy to discuss when a client contacts me.

As always, if the client is willing to make a change, to really dedicate the time to making a positive change or changes for themselves then hypnotherapy can help. The client is the key. Hypnotherapists facilitate the change, it’s the client that makes the change!

If you have a problem, habit or struggle with weight please consider using my Hypnotherapy service in Southampton.

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