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Can Hypnotherapy help with weight-loss?

After “does it actually work?” This is the question I get asked the most.

The short answer is yes! However, let me give you the long answer too.

Hypnotherapy will help with any issue.

Losing weight is a common one as by the time my clients come to me they have already tried all the traditional ways of losing weight. Probably more than.

Whether this is calorie counting, fasting, pill taking or any other ‘amazing results guaranteed’ method of weight loss.

The key with weight loss hypnotherapy and in fact, with all hypnotherapy is you. Your willingness to make a change is what will make this work. There is no magic wand involved and no cure. If you want to make a long-lasting change to your life and you are prepared to put in the work then hypnotherapy for weight loss will work for you. You can find more information on my Hypno Gastric Band Southampton here.

I have seen and worked with some truly amazing people over the years. My favourite people to work with are somewhat sceptical… they are willing to try but need convincing… seeing their reaction when reorientated from their first experience of hypnosis is always an affirming feeling for me. It’s at that point they get it and it’s brilliant.

So what does weight loss hypnotherapy entail?

Firstly it requires your commitment and dedication to making a change. I will facilitate and guide but all the hard work is credited to the client. As a Hypno Gastric Band practitioner, this involves 4 sessions.

The first 3 sessions are a week apart and then the 4th session is booked for four weeks after the third… I will explain why later.

Our first session together is all about getting to know each other, it’s a bit paper workey but it’s the only session that is. I give my clients the opportunity to ask any questions that they would like, seriously there are no silly questions when it comes to hypnotherapy, if my clients want to know something I encourage them to ask away, I am always happy to talk Hypno!

We then get down to the nitty-gritty, each client is different as each person's experiences with food and habit are different so we pinpoint habits, danger areas and foods. Along with these we also look at goals. What does the client want to achieve?

Can they truly visualise themselves at the size/weight they want to achieve. This is really important because if the client cannot see it, cannot visualise it's not going to work. Occasionally we need to manage expectations because of this but it is all done positively. There is no negativity involved in hypnotherapy, there is no blame, shame or finger-pointing. It’s counterproductive and honestly serves no purpose.

Once a goal is in place I ask the client if they would like to be hypnotised, seems like an odd thing to ask seeing as they are there but I like to make sure.

I then induce hypnosis and guide the client through the session, a recording is made which is their homework, it is the client's responsibility to listen to their recording every day to reinforce the therapy. It’s never more than about 20 minutes long and frankly, each and everyone on of my clients is worth 20mins a day to look after themselves.

Session 2 rolls around the next week. This session focuses on regression and why a client may have an issue with food. Again, hypnosis is induced and I guide the client through their regression. This also serves as their pre-op as under hypnosis they will meet their surgeon and anaesthetist and they will have the Hypno Gastric Band operation explained to them.

Session 3 is the session we fit the Hypno gastric band. This is by far my favourite session! Once fitted we then arrange our next session for four weeks' time, as mentioned earlier, the reason for this is for the client to see how they get on with the band fitted. The client is then given another recording to listen to further reinforce the therapy.

Four weeks later the client comes back for their final session and we adjust the band to how they want it. I always encourage my clients to come for a check-in session 2 months later which they do.

It’s about understanding that this is not an overnight fix. It is a lifestyle change and will take some time. The weight that is lost is done slowly without specific food restrictions and therefore the weight remains off.

Each person's journey is different because each person is different. Some clients may lose lots of weight, others slightly less in the time between sessions 3 and 4 but regardless of how much weight a person loses the success comes from their dedication and willpower to make a change.

It's so much more than just weight loss. It is a lifestyle change. There is no magic wand or quick fix involved. It is all about making time to look after yourself and really listen to your body. It’s about understanding why the client has the eating habits they do and exploring them, resolving and moving forward positively.

Everything gets better with hypnosis! It’s easy for me to sit here and type that but it’s the truth. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state, we all enter it multiple times every day. When we relax, truly relax everything gets better!! Our blood oxygenates, our neurons fire and our cells start to repair! It’s all so good!!

As a result of my clients committing to making this positive change and doing their homework every day many of them mentioned secondary benefits… these can range from anxiety and headache reduction to feeling less stressed.

I have said it before and no doubt I will say it again… everything gets better with hypnosis!

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