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What my clients say...

What better peace of mind than to hear from my lovely clients themselves.

Ivy leaf


Terri is such a lovely coach and helped make this whole experience much more comfortable and relaxing. She explains everything so well guided by my needs and wants.
As for the Hypnotherapy itself I cannot belive it worked so well! I have felt so much more motivated and it has helped me to change habits and subconsciously make better choices.
Thank you so much Terri for all of the caring support you give. It has helped to change my life and eating habits around massively. I would 100% and have already recommended Terri's Hypnotherapy to anyone debating it.


Today is my 2nd year of no smoking  having hypnotherapy was one of the best things i ever done! I feel a lot happier and healthier without smoking in my life. I would like to say a BIG thank you to terri at New Leaf Hypnotherapy for helping me with my mission to be smoke free. It had only taken one appointment to stop. I highly recommend it!



Life changing experience! Feeling healthier and fitter than I have for years. Lost 12lbs in 7 weeks with my hypno gastric band. Terri is lovely, putting you at ease and explaining everything. 



Thank you Terri for all your recent help & guidance. I was initially very sceptical about any benefit’s that might occur through hypnosis However, having now experienced a few sessions with you, I have changed my mind. I feel that I now have more power & tools available to me to try & control my stress & anxiety levels when I compete & I’m actually now back to enjoying the sport.



I saw Terri just over two weeks ago to quit smoking, over the years I have tried all kinds of different methods but none that actually stuck. Until now, hypnotherapy has been incredible. I don't feel any cravings and the withdrawal was mild. I am so happy with the results as I haven't smoked or wanted to in 20 days and I'm looking forward to a smoke free future. Thank you Terri.



I went to Terri for a Hypno gastric band and I was really pleased with the outcome. I wanted to lose weight for my holiday, I lost 10lbs in eight weeks. I was so pleased and would highly recommend this to others. Terri was very professional throughout and discussed everything with me step by step.


I approached Terri to have a Hypnotherapy Gastric Band (HGB) fitted recently and I can honestly say I haven't looked back. Terri was so professional and put me completely at ease throughout the course. With Terri's help and guidance, I have been able to address my relationship with food. With the HGB, no food or drink is off limits; I'm simply able to listen to my body more and eat what I need to sustain me without over indulging. I've thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Terri and I would highly recommend it to anybody who would like to address their relationship with food.


I had never even thought about having hypnotherapy before I met Terri. I thought it was something that wouldn’t work for me. I decided to try it and I was absolutely amazed, because it did work on me. Terri maintained professionalism throughout our sessions and made me feel at ease. I was extremely impressed with her work. I cannot recommend ‘New Leaf Hypnotherapy’ enough and I’m sure I will return for more sessions in the future.


I decided to try the hypno Gastric band July 2021 , I didn’t feel I was overly overweight but felt like I ate a lot of snack food that would make me feel very uncomfortable after I ate it, I loved cakes, sweets chocolate and always had to eat something sweet after dinner or watch TV with a bowl of sweets. Fruit was something I never really would eat .

Well I can honestly say this is one of the best things I have ever done. I approached this with an open mind and did not tell anyone I was having it done as I didn’t want any negative opinions, but now I’m constantly telling people about it when they comment on my weight loss. I will be honest my start weight was 10 stone 6 lb and now I am 9 stone 3 lb. I eat so much fruit and never crave the sweet food I did before but also if I want it I have it. This is not a diet at all I do not have to watch what I eat or forbid myself of the food I love .

Also when I look at what I could spend on diet clubs or diet food over a long period of time, the hypno gastric band was the most money saving option for me.
Thank you so much Terri xx


I contacted Terri as I needed and wanted to give up smoking after40+ years,two hrs with her and so far two weeks down the line I haven't smoked....touch wood I never will again.... Thankyou so much Terri, next thing hynotherapy gastric band.


HI Terri


Im doing really well thanks i hope your well too. I'm still a non smoker since i left you a year ago i haven't felt the need of a cigarette and the money I've saved and my health too is really good. Thank you again for your help with this.


Thanks again 


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I understand the sensitivity around what I do and fully appreciate the requirement to keep our journey confidential and discrete.

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