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Smoking Cessation - Case Study

My first contact with this gentleman was by phone, he had called me right before I was about to commence with another client, funnily enough for the same issue. To help him stop smoking. He was so polite on the phone and extremely timid, his voice wavered when answering some of my questions. I was unsure how committed he was by some of his responses, none the less we arranged a session date and time. When he walked in I showed him a technique for controlling his cigarette cravings. He was at first very nervous, his body language was closed and apprehensive. He was quite skeptical about hypnosis but having exhausted many different ways of giving up smoking he was willing to try. I personally love working with the skeptics!

When inducing hypnosis there are many physical tells I look for that indicate the clients level of hypnosis, they relax. Their shoulders release and even start deep breathing. My favourite part is seeing their once skeptical faces accept that what they have just experienced was relaxing and all round nice!

So back to my gentleman, as our session continued and our rapport grew I noticed he relaxed and physically was more open and comfortable. He was able to make lasting eye contact and even started cracking jokes. During his session he went into hypnosis very well and came out saying he had never felt so relaxed in his whole life. This is common feedback which is wonderful. I advised him of his homework to reinforce the therapy today and we said our goodbyes.

I always call my smoking cessation clients 2 weeks after to see how they are doing. My call to this gentleman was a million miles from our first interaction, he was so pleased with the outcome and had absolutely no desire to smoke.

This is the best kind of feedback to hear from a client. Subsequently I have seen 2 further clients based on his recommendation!

The journey I take with each client is always different, this one really stuck with me as in a short space of time I witnessed the power of talking therapy and now the lasting lifestyle change this gentleman has.

This is why I do what I do. I love it. I will always love it.

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